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A Wedding Dove Release

Video created for "Ernie's Doves Release"

With video footage that was provided to me, I rendered out this video for "Ernie's Doves Release"

Aarna's 5th Themed Birthday Party

A Paper Craft Birthday Party

This video is about Aarna's 5th Birthday Party Hosted by "One of a Kind Design" in our Studio. I only had photographs to work with for creating this video

Savanna's 10th Birthday Party

A Paper Craft Birthday Party

Savanna's 10th Themed Birthday Paper Craft Party hosted at "One of a Kind Design Studio" Video and images were provided and I edited the video and rendered a finished video of the party.

Ernie's Doves Release

Welcome to Ernie's Doves Release

This video is a compilation of various filmed events that "Ernie's Doves Release" has released their doves creating a breathtaking memorable experience.

Digital Portfolio

Digital Media Presentation

I created this video to display a variety of multi  media platforms with creative designs such as custom flyers, on-line publishing, website designs and advertisements. 

Cashmere Creations

Cashermer Creations Introduction

A short introduction for Cashmere Creations. 

Animated Logo

Digital Animated Logo Design

Created this name logo in Adobe After Effects showcasing skills with font and animation techniques. 

Amour Jewelers

Amour Jewelers Capstone Video

This video was created during my Multi-Media Design program reflecting all branding techniques applied towards re-branding a company. 


The Beauty of our Lords Creations

This video with various landscape scenes reflecting some beautiful landscape scenery from all around the world. 

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